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Do Your Family Mealtimes Feel Like A Panic?

(No judgement – we can fix this!)

You spend ages working out what you can cook, in the desperate hope your fussy eater doesn’t pull a ‘yuk’ face. 


You end up throwing together different meals for everyone, because one won’t touch anything green or will only eat pasta shaped like a stegosaurus.

Juggling all this extra cooking turns you into a hot mess.

When you finally coax your child to the table, you try and distract them with some rubbish on YouTube so you can shovel the odd bit of broccoli into their mouth.

(Even though they loved broccoli when they were weaning.)

And now they won’t eat their sweet potato. But you cooked it especially – it was their favorite last week!

Your stress levels are rising with every mouthful they waste. And why is half of it on the floor already? Why do you even bother?!

Fabulous Mummy, I Hear You

You dream of dinners where everyone skips to the table

(without you asking 50 times) and eats.

One healthy, balanced and delicious meal.

You want to feel safe in the knowledge your child has eaten their nutrients. That they’ll sleep well, grow healthy bones and brains, and not pick up all those bugs.

You’d love to know that yippee – your child is nourished and thriving!

They’re excited to try new foods, family mealtimes are a breeze, and wow…

If you carry on like this, they’ll grow up with a super healthy relationship with food! (No fears about emotional eating or fixating on sugary junk.)

And then phew, you can relax. Because you’re doing a brilliant job.

You Deserve Those Precious Mealtimes!

Hi, I’m Sarah Almond Bushell, Registered Dietitian & Feeding Therapist, and I’m here to help you get there!

I see those mealtime panics so often. 

And I know there were heaps of books about weaning – but there’s not enough (expert) advice on this next tricky stage. (Or they only tell you what to feed, and leave you wondering…how?!)

I understand how easy it can be to fall into unhealthy patterns. You fear the extra arguments and you just want your little one to eat. (Because you care!) 

But, can I be honest with you…?

This Time Is So Important!


Your child's lifelong relationship with food is forming now!


Getting these childhood experiences of food and eating right is vital.  


The little things exasperated parents say and do (because they honestly don’t realise the potential consequences) can be a little scary.


Often the things that tumble from our mouths are things we grew up with. 


But they have negative consequences. 


(Do ‘finish everything on your plate’ or ‘eat up or you won’t be big and strong’ sound familiar? They’re some of the worrying ones!)

That’s Why I’m Passionate About 

Helping You Discover A Better Way

A way where we say goodbye to outdated and unhelpful patterns like…


  • (Innocently) encouraging your child to eat ‘just one more spoonful’ (Ouch! Encouragement is actually pressure. Pressure can lead to stress hormones. Or your child eating to please you when they’re not hungry, growing up as an overeater because they can’t stop when they’re full…)


  • (Accidentally) offering rewards, like ‘finish your peas and you can have pudding’ (Did you know that can be viewed as bribery? Research actually shows that your child is more likely to grow up disliking the food in question. Oh no! Or dreading mealtimes altogether…)


  • (Unwittingly) talking about ‘good’ and ‘bad’ foods (Hello over-indulgence! Like that child who wolfs all the Chocolate Fingers at parties. Or even guilt around certain foods, which could lead to issues with self-esteem…)


So Mummy, can you start to see why your child’s relationship with food and eating is so crucial – right now?

If you’re determined to find a better way too, let me help you.

It’s what I’m qualified to do.

When You Join My Low-Cost 


  • I divulge the little-known strategies, so you can enjoy the stress-free family mealtimes you’ve been dreaming of 
  • I show you how to inspire your child to try new foods (with none of that scary pressure!)
  • I teach you how to save money – by learning how to shop and cook efficiently, and by avoiding all that food rejection and the constant cycle of scraping precious dinners into the bin!
  • I give you the peace of mind that you’re getting it right (with answers to your questions and on-hand expert support. No more Doctor Google!)

And when you join us, you’ll learn how to teach your child good eating habits for a lifetime. Right now. (Before it’s too late.)

That way, your little person will grow up to be a happy healthy eater and have a positive relationship with food.

(Well done, Mummy!)

Yes! I’m Ready To Raise A Happy Healthy Eater

Want to explore the Happy Healthy Eaters Club?

Smart move, fabulous Mummy.

Get ready to embrace mealtimes without the drama!

Because I’m here to gently guide you from frazzled to focused.

Imagine yourself transforming from exasperated to cool as a cucumber. Calm, relaxed and floating through mealtimes like a foodie goddess.

Yes please!

Let's Take A Peek At What's Waiting For You


Monthly Masterclasses

Every month we take a deep dive into one of the crucial topics to help you grow as a super-mum.

You also have unlimited access to all of the Masterclasses we’ve already covered!

Here’s a taster of what’s waiting for you in the library (with fresh classes added every month!)


  • Help Your Child Try New Foods – With Sarah Almond Bushell (The Children’s Nutritionist)
  • How To Meal Plan Like A Pro With Charli Farrar (Associate Nutritionist)
  • Food Safety For Kids – With Jenna Brown (The Food Safety Mum)
  • How To Save Food, Time & Money (Without Batch Cooking Or Meal Planning) – With Kate Hall (Author of The Full Freezer)
  • Nutrition & Self-Care For Busy Mums – With Elaine Anderson (Registered Dietitian) 
  • How To Prepare A Month’s Worth Of Healthy Family Meals – With Siobhan Berry (Founder of Mummy Cooks
  •  Easy Veggie & Vegan Meals Your Kids Will Love – With Rachel Boyatt (Bestselling Author of Little Veggie Eats)
  • Fussy Eating Or A Sensory Feeding Difficulty? – With Munira Adenwalla (Occupational Therapist) 

And plenty more!


Our Masterclasses are uploaded to your exclusive members’ area each month for you to watch whenever you’re ready.

You can ask questions too – we’ll remind you to pop them over before we record.

And we always keep you updated by email so you don’t miss a thing.

We even break down the Masterclasses into bite-size chunks, so they’re super easy for busy mums to watch on the go!

Monthly Q&A Coaching Calls

Because it's not just what you know but what you do with the info! 

I know from my 20+ years of working with mummies that success is in the follow-up. 

That’s why I’m here for you to answer all of your pressing questions and give you guidance. (So that you can successfully implement what you’ve learned!)

(And keep reading. I’m there for you throughout the month too.)


Guest Experts

And you don’t just get me!

Our monthly Masterclasses are led by experts in their own specialist fields. 

Everything from Speech & Language Therapists to Positive Parenting Experts, I’ve got you covered. 

Tasty & Nutritious Weekly Menus

Wow, our members love these! Just wait until you see.

Every week, we’ll give you a delicious menu of ‘nutritionist approved’ meals and snacks.

No more stuffing your cupboards with cookbooks or worrying whether your little one’s getting a balanced diet. Let us experts do the research for you!

Our menus take away the headache of searching for your own recipes. 

And we make sure they provide all the nutrients your little one needs to stay happy and healthy. (We run them through our strict nutritional criteria!)

Get ready for heaps of inspiration and tasty ideas, like:

  • Rhubarb & Custard Muffins
  • Almond, Berry & Banana Breakfast Tacos
  • Veggie Pot Noodle
  • Chicken & Banana Curry
  • Sweet Potato Falafel
  • Jammy Inside Pancakes


Our menus are laid out for you in a handy online pinboard, complete with yummy-looking photos.

You can browse through at your leisure, and you'll have access to all the previous week's menus for all the time you've been a member. They never go away for as long as you stay in the club.

And don’t panic! We stick to quick and easy meals and snacks. We know life’s too busy to faff.

Handy Quick Wins

You’re going to love this library of handy short videos to help you troubleshoot whenever you feel stuck.

My fun and friendly videos are packed with quick wins and answers to the things that are bugging you right now.

Stuff like:

  • Should you sneak veggies into your child’s meals? (You might be surprised!)
  • Why you should never ask your fussy eater ‘was that nice?’ (And what you should do instead, to avoid knocking your little one’s eating confidence.)
  • What to do when your child decides not to eat. (Such a common one!)
  • Should you provide ‘rescue meals’ when your little one leaves their dinner? (Watch out for the problem that causes!)
  • Why toddlers can be fussy eaters. (Discover what’s really going on…)


And lots more!

Get ready to start binge-watching – this information is gold. It will completely change the way you look at things, for the better.

Your Supportive Community

A problem shared is a problem halved! 

As always, you’ll be able to hang out in my free Facebook community, where you can ask even more questions and meet other mummies in the same boat as you.

Feel free to share recipes, ask for tips or share your journey as much or as little as you like.

And if you need me between sessions, you can just tag me or my fully-qualified team and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.



As Featured In

Your Membership Bonuses!

When you join us (as well as the fantastic benefits above) I’ll treat you to these exciting bonuses.

A Private Zoom Chat

When you join annually, we’ll book you in for the first of your 4 FREE 15 minute one-to-one chat with me or my fully qualified team, to get you started. 

That way I can get to know you and hear about your little one, and any struggles you may be having. Feel free to bring your questions!

(Valued at $125 or £100)

Happy Healthy Toddler – Food & Nutrition Course

Discover everything you need to know about your little one’s food and nutrition requirements in this super informative online video course.

The course has been prepared and presented by me, Sarah Almond Bushell, Registered Dietitian & Children’s Nutritionist. 

So you can be sure it’s packed full of expert knowledge to give you the peace of mind you need.

(Valued at $235 or £190)


Free Messenger Support

Got a burning question that you don’t feel like sharing in the Facebook group?

We get it! So as a brand new bonus this time, we’re adding free Facebook Messenger support for all of our Happy Healthy Eaters Club members.

Just ping us a private message and either I or one of my fully-qualified team will get back to you as soon as we can.

We never want you to feel alone in your feeding adventures.

(Valued at $125 or £100 per month)

Exclusive Access To Previous Membership Content

When you join us, the online members’ area becomes your playground!

Jump in right now and enjoy over 200 videos of previous Masterclasses and trainings.

(And of course, new content is added for you every week!)

Prepare to enjoy…

(Valued at over $1230 or £1000)

Phone App Access To The Members Area

As well as being able to watch the replays and browse the recipes on your desktop or tablet, you can use our handy phone app.

That means you can access our content from your phone, on the go, whenever and wherever you like.

The videos are organised into sections, and the longer Masterclasses are even broken down into bite-size mini sessions for you.

Keeping up to date, informed and entertained has never been easier!

(Valued at $15 or £12 per month)

Wow! So that’s $1800 / £1400 + in bonuses, when you sign up this time!

(In addition to your fresh weekly and monthly content.)


All of this for just $147 per quarter, or $497 for the year (saving $91 PLUS 4 one to one chats!) if you pay annually in advance. 

(That’s just $1.35 per day, if you pay annually. And you know you’ll save that with all the food you won’t need to chuck away!)

You're never tied in and you can cancel at any time in case you change your mind.

(No questions asked!)

It really couldn’t be simpler.


So join us now, fabulous Mummy, before doors close until the next time….

Yes - I'm In! Pay Quarterly
Yes - I'm In! Pay Yearly

Look At My Easy 

3 Step Framework For Success!

Do you want to know what sets my membership apart from absolutely everything else out there?

It’s this! My unique 3 step framework. 

When you put these 3 parts together, you’ll be stepping up with confidence and ready to raise your little ones as happy healthy eaters. (Go Mummy!)

When you miss any of these steps out (and trust me, lots of the other options out there do!) things are likely to get completely out of balance.

But don’t panic. Once you’re inside the membership, you’ll soon get the hang of this.

It’s a piece of cake!


Nourish – Let’s Get Your Little One’s Food & Nutrition Right! 

So many incredible mums worry – about your precious little people suffering with scary health problems, sickness bugs, growth issues…

Or when they don’t eat enough, you panic they’ll end up with nutritional deficiencies.

And getting this Nourish bit wrong can even lead to those dreaded sleep troubles. Urgh!

So let’s fix this.

Inside the Happy Healthy Eaters Club, you can be sure you’ll learn:


  • What and how much to cook – so your little person stays super healthy and nutritionally balanced (no more guesswork) 
  • How to serve food so it isn't rejected – hooray for less peas on the floor!
  • How to shop and meal plan like a pro – to save you precious time, money and energy (and no more getting fooled at the supermarket!)


And more!

I can’t wait to help you NOURISH your gorgeous little humans. 

Nurture – Let’s Get Fabulous At Feeding & Food Parenting!

Are you stuck in a cycle of mealtime dramas?

Then Mummy, don’t miss this!

Without the critical NURTURE part of my framework, you could feel out of your depth when the problems kick off. And then? Help! Your little person could become a perpetually fussy eater.

So let me throw you a lifeline!


In my game-changing membership, we’ll conquer: 


  • How to breeze through fussy eating and food refusal – (by discovering the perfect ways to respond) – so your child grows up as a fearless foodie
  • How to inspire your child to try new foods – no more cooking the same old ‘safe’ things on repeat!
  • How to talk to your child about food and eating (the right way!) – to make sure they blossom into happy healthy eaters with no yukky hang ups


And more!

Let’s get ready to do this.

Flourish – Say ‘Yes’ To A Happy Healthy Child! 

I love this FLOURISH part – it’s the icing on the cake!

Your little one’s lifelong relationship with food is sooooo important. 

That’s why, inside my membership, I make sure you’re not left in the dark. 

We explore everything you need to know to make sure your actions don’t (unintentionally) have a negative effect on your child’s future food journey. 


You’ll soon be discovering:

  • The lowdown on your child's developmental stage – so you can master how this influences their eating as they grow
  • How to adapt food and feeding to match their understanding and skills – so that all of this becomes easy-peasy 
  • How to teach your little one about food and eating outside of mealtimes – so eating becomes an exciting adventure! 


And more!

So Mummy, I know you’re ready to rock this.

Join The Happy Healthy Eaters Club


I’m so confident that my membership will transform your family mealtimes (and that it’s so jam-packed with value!) that you’ll probably never need this.

But if you're still not sure, you can simply change your mind!

You're not tied in, you can cancel at any time with just 2 clicks of your mouse from your private member's area.

Jump in now and start learning straight away – it really is that easy!

Let Me Join! Pay Quarterly
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Hiya, I’m Sarah

Registered Paediatric Dietitian, Feeding Therapist 

& Founder Of The Children’s Nutritionist


I set up ‘The Children's Nutritionist’ to help mummies like you get the right information about food and feeding…

So your children grow up with a happy, healthy love of eating. (It’s worked with my adorable two!)

I have more than 20 years of fully-qualified experience, right up to the highest NHS Consultant level. (You can be sure you’re in safe hands!)

More than anything, I love empowering mums with the information you need to support your little people on their lifelong food journey. Because these moments are precious – and we only get one chance.

I know it can feel frustrating when there’s so much noise on what and how to feed your child. (And not much of it comes from qualified professionals!)

And I know that after weaning, so many mummies are left thinking – what next?

That’s why I put my unique system together, based on everything I know as a Registered Dietitian and Feeding Therapist. 

And that’s how The Happy Healthy Eaters Club was born.

My ‘Nourish, Nurture, Flourish’ approach puts together food, feeding and understanding your child's development at each and every stage – so you can rest assured you’re getting it right.

So I would love for you to join us. Let’s do this together.

As seen in:

Meet These Mummies.

They Have Done It And So Can You!

“We Feel Calm & Confident – Thank You!” 

Our son was the fussiest eater. His list of foods was getting smaller and smaller and I was really worried. 

He would get distracted easily, everything was ‘yuk’ and he hardly touched a thing. 

We have put some of the ideas into practice & he has already improved so much. He ate one dish that he hasn’t touched for about a year and he even tried something on his learning plate! 

Your advice and plan has helped us to feel calm & confident about mealtimes and we are enjoying eating as a family for the first time in ages. I just wanted to say thank you!


“He’s Like A Different Child!”

My 3 year old lived on plain pasta, cheese sandwiches, scrambled eggs and bananas and milk. 

He was sooo fussy and had been like this for a year or so before we sought your help. 

He had his favourites and at dinner time I always had to supply taco mince. He actually asked for the family meal of spaghetti Bolognese instead of his usual taco mince tonight and ate a whole bowl!

We couldn’t believe it! He’s like a different child.

“Mealtimes Are Fun Again!”

Parts have been difficult (as you said) and it has been an interesting couple of weeks. But I’m pleased to say H is thriving once again, and we are all feeling much more relaxed around mealtimes. 

And it has made mealtimes fun again! Phew! And I shall continue to recommend you to friends and other mums I meet that are having troubles.


Would you like to feel like these mums too? Then you can! 

Join us today and get instant access to your membership area. 

Your journey to successful food parenting can begin in just a few simple clicks.

I’m Ready! Pay $147 for 3 months access
I’m Ready! Pay $497 For The Year

So If You’re Still Dreaming Of…

  • Easy, fuss-free evenings – where you can cook what you fancy (and you know there’ll be no face-pulling or food chucking!)
  • Peaceful family meals – where everyone comes happily to the table and enjoys the food you’ve prepared (no more scraping veg into the bin!)
  • Happy, healthy little ones – who grow up with great eating habits and a positive relationship with food

The Happy Healthy Eaters Club is your place!


You’ll Soon Be…

  • Bursting with inspiration – from the heaps of easy and nutritious meal plans and recipes we share with you
  • Brimming with confidence – from all the insider food parenting advice you’ll be discovering, with experts to support and guide you
  • Buzzing with pridebecause you’re giving your child the best possible start and you know you’re getting this right


If that sounds like your kind of perfect world, it’s time to join us.

Jump in today whilst the price is still low, and before doors close for another season! 

Your exclusive members’ area and brand new support network are waiting for you…

Let Me In! Pay $147 for 3 months access
Let Me In! Pay $497 Per Year

Steal A Look At What Our Current Members Are Saying!


Megan, Coopers mummy


Fabulous Mummy

The Time Is Now!

If you’re ready to feel calm, confident and in control of family mealtimes, it’s time to join us.

I know how much you care about your little one’s lifelong relationship with food. (That’s why you’re reading!)

And I’m passionate about giving you the knowledge to raise your child as a fearless foodie and a happy, healthy eater. I know you only get one chance. 

(And at just $1.35 per day if you pay annually, you know you’ll make this back from not scraping rejected food from the kitchen floor. Hooray!)

So grab hold of your chance now, before doors close. (We only open a couple of times each year!)

Let’s help your little person flourish…

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