Are You Ready To Wean With Confidence?


My Happy Healthy Weaning Course Is For You!


Yes Please!

You’re ready to begin your weaning adventure.


You’re fluttering with excitement. You’re jittery with nerves. 


You’ve bought bits and bobs, you’ve scanned through the books.


You’ve googled pretty much everything…


But now you’re more confused than ever!


Why is there so much noise?

Why does everyone say something different?

And who are you meant to believe?

Your head is swimming with thoughts, like:


How do I actually start weaning?

Should I try baby led or purees?

How do I squeeze in milk feeds?

What about nutrition, allergies, choking…

What if I get it all wrong?


Don’t worry, I get it. I used to feel the same!

And Mummy – it’s perfectly normal.

You’re about to begin a whole new chapter. (As if the first one wasn’t tiring and confusing enough!)

It’s a rollercoaster of emotions…

You probably feel:

  • Sadness that those cosy milk feeds will begin to disappear
  • Anxiety about starting something new
  • And a huge pressure to get it right

But you’re reading this because you care. 

And you’re determined to bring up a happy, confident little person…

With a healthy relationship to food.

If you’re ready to step off that rollercoaster and take control of your weaning journey, I’m here for you. 


With my 20 years of experience as a Registered Dietitian & Children’s Nutritionist, my job is to take away your uncertainty…

And guide you every step of the way.


Let’s explore exactly how. 

Understanding the difference

between baby led weaning, purees or using a combination – so you can make the right choice for you and your baby

Knowing the developmental milestones

of weaning – so you can move through the stages with complete confidence

Learning which foods to include

in your baby’s diet, exactly how much to feed them and how often, and more importantly – which nasties to avoid

Discovering my expert advice

on the critical nutrients – so you can be sure you’re getting it right (and avoid your baby waking through the night feeling hungry)

Receiving my trusted guidance on allergens

why it’s so important to introduce them all before your child is one, how to do that without the panic, how to monitor them safely and how to deal swiftly with any reaction – to give you the confidence you need

Understanding the difference

between gagging and choking, how to minimise risks and how to best deal with them

Benefitting from my qualified advice

on all your niggling problems, from food (and veg!) refusal to what to do when your baby seems constantly hungry   

And so much more

I honestly can’t wait to share this with you.

Imagine Yourself

  • Feeling in control of your weaning journey – because you’re being guided every step of the way by a fully-qualified expert


  • Having a contented baby who sleeps well – because getting nutrition right means your baby won’t wake feeling hungry


  • Being equipped with the knowledge you need to make the right decisions for you and your baby


  • Feeling confident that you’re getting food and feeding right – so your baby has an enjoyable weaning experience and a nutritionally balanced diet


  • Being safe in the knowledge that you’ve begun your baby’s lifelong relationship with food in the best possible way


  • Brimming with pride that you’ve raised a happy healthy eater 

What’s even better is that you’ll see results from day one of joining up – so there’s no need to wait.

In fact, we now know that poor nutrition during the first 1000 days of life can cause irreversible damage to babies’ growing brains.

So join with me and let’s get this right from the start. 

I promise you it’s simple when we do it together.

I’m Ready To Learn!

Hi, I’m Sarah


I’m a Registered Dietitian & Children’s Nutritionist with over 20 years’ experience of working with parents to get children’s food and feeding right. 


I’ve worked as an expert consultant for trusted brands like Annabel Karmel, Tommee Tippee and Hovis. 

You may have seen me in Made For Mums, Gurgle, The Guardian, The Observer... I’ve been on BBC Radio too.

So you’re in safe hands!

I’m passionate about providing the right information to mums who are starting out on their weaning journey. 

I help you break through the noise and give you the facts. And a plan! 

Because weaning should be a happy, special time for you. 

A time when you begin to nurture your child’s lifelong relationship with food.

And I know you want to get it right.

I’m a mummy of two small people too – Charlie and Maisie. They remind me every day how important it is to get food and feeding right, to raise happy healthy eaters.

So let me empower you with the information you need to wean with confidence, so you can get back to the incredible job of being a mummy.


Here’s What I’ll Be Sharing With You:

Bitesize Video Lessons

  • Presented by me, in friendly, simple language (like having your own feeding expert, right there with you)


  • Accompanied by slides to help you focus (and you can print them off for support when you need it)


  • Delivered in manageable, 5 - 15 minute lessons, so you never feel overwhelmed


  • Handy to watch when, how and where you like – from your computer, tablet or phone


  • Easy to pause when you need to, watch again at your leisure, and keep for life! (Perfect for baby 2 and even 3…)


  • Enjoy a total of nearly 4 hours of viewing time, completely at your own pace

And do you love bonuses as much as I do?


Then let me share these with you!

Enjoy These Amazing BONUSES

Beautiful, Handy Printables

  • My super simple ready for weaning checklist
  • My easy to complete weekly meal planner
  • My handy first tastes cheat sheet
  • My useful foods to avoid checklist
  • My finger food ideas swipe file
  • My no added sugar (but naturally sweet!) recipe for your baby's first birthday cake
  • My brand new child development timeline
  • And more!

Even More Downloads

As well as all of the checklists, cheat sheets and printables above, you’ll also receive PDF downloads of all the course slides – so you never have to take notes, rack your brains or buy more weaning books again!


An Exclusive Bonus Chapter

I’ve added this to help mummies planning to wean vegetarian and vegan babies. It’s a whole chapter, detailing the extra nutritional information that’s vital for healthy weaning.


Complete Mobile Phone Access

Watch the videos and access the content through a simple app on your phone. (As well as from your computer or tablet, if you prefer.) Info on the go, when and where you need it. 

I’m giving you all of this knowledge, expertise and peace of mind for just £79.

And there’s no need to wait, because the content is ready for you. So you can begin to see results from day one!

We only have one chance to get weaning right and I would love to support you and your baby on your journey.

Let’s start this today.

Perfect – I’m In!

Want A Peek At What Other Mums Are Saying?


I didn’t have a clue where to start and our baby group weaning talk just left me confused. They said, ‘food before one is just for fun,’ because all they really need is milk. That didn’t seem right.

What I learned from Sarah was way more in depth than the group workshop. I found I was advising my friends with their babies! I watched most of the videos while doing night feeds. 

I felt like a super-mum!

Claire, mummy to Alex – Wimbledon


My baby was exclusively breastfed before we started weaning. Even though I’m a dietitian, I’d never worked with children. I knew how important nutrition was, but I didn’t have a clue where to start on our weaning journey!

Sarah’s course gave me the confidence and knowledge I needed to make informed decisions about how to wean my baby. 

Nichola ([email protected]),

mummy to H - Yorkshire

Your Complete Learning Journey – 

At A Glance

Do you want to know exactly what’s covered in the video lessons?

Watch my quick behind the scenes video tour below.

(Remember – each video is just 5 - 15 short minutes. You can watch them when and where you fancy – even during night feeds! Absolutely no info overload. It couldn’t be simpler.)


And of course, don’t forget those other BONUSES!

  • Beautiful, handy printables – to make life so much easier
  • PDF downloads of all the course slides – to save you taking notes
  • Super easy mobile phone viewing – so you can watch and replay any time
  • Bonus chapter – to support your plant-based vegetarian or vegan weaning 


So if you’re ready to join other mums on their confident weaning journeys, don’t miss your chance.

Weaning only happens once and I would love to help make yours simple, memorable and worry-free.

Let’s work together to give your baby the perfect, nutritious start to their lifelong food adventure.

Yes Please – I’m In!

Would You Like To Hear From Even More Delighted Mums?


Before doing Sarah’s course, despite being a Dietitian myself, I knew nothing about how to begin weaning. 

I felt overwhelmed by the volume of conflicting advice out there. Sarah’s online course is really clear and concise, making it easy to do even whilst looking after a young baby.

Now I feel confident in knowing how to feed Fionn ‘properly.’ 

I’m not nearly as scared as I initially was! She helped me figure out which method of weaning was right for us i.e. baby led, spoon-feeding or a combination, and helped me understand appropriate portion sizes.

Evelyn, mummy for Fionn – Southfields


I’m a cautious weaner, especially as Dylan is a pre-term baby, but I’m currently half-way through the online course.

I’m learning lots already, especially advice on feed timings, equipment needed and even how to choose the correct highchair!

I’ve been making lots of notes and cannot wait to get stuck in with experimenting with food, flavours and textures. 

Tina, mummy to Dylan - London

Frequently Asked Questions


What if I have more questions?

I have a handy, private Facebook group where you can ask questions and seek advice. My fully qualified team and I are always happy to support you. (You can meet other lovely mummies there too!)

How quickly should my baby benefit from the course?

From day one! If you implement what you learn you’ll be doing the very best you can for your little one, giving them the perfect start for a happy healthy future.

So if you’re ready to:

  • Say goodbye to the overwhelm and confusion 
  • Take control of your weaning adventure
  • And feel 100% confident that you’re getting it right


Then it’s time to join us! It’s simple when we do it together.

Here’s What You Need To Do:

  1. Follow the link below to join the course
  2. Look out for an email from me with all the details you need
  3. Start watching the course videos whenever you’re ready


We only have one chance to get weaning right, to ensure our little ones grow up with a happy healthy relationship to food.

I believe in you, Mummy. Let’s start this today.

I’m Ready To Take Control!