Have you started weaning but you’re not sure whether your baby is eating enough? 

How much should you offer them?
How much should you expect them to eat?

And how do milk feeds fit in?

If you feel like you’re constantly feeding, it’s either food or milk and you never seem to leave the kitchen...

Don’t worry, I can help


How to check your baby is eating enough


Learn about how much food, how much milk & my tried and tested routines describing when to offer food and milk feeds for successful progress through weaning.

There are three to choose from for each age and stage of weaning.

You’ll find practical advice on the best foods for baby nutrition at each stage and tips about feeding that match their developmental milestone as well as my tried and tested routines that encourage successful progress through weaning. The 5 page mini guides include:

  • A portion size guide for all meals and milk feeds

  • My tried and tested routines for successful weaning

  • A sample meal plan so you know what food to offer, and when


Priced At £9.99 Or Buy All Three as a bundle for £25

Your worries could be over in just the click of a button

Have you started weaning but you’re not sure your baby is eating enough?

You’re probably moving on to three meals a day and have started introducing foods like meat, fish, cheese, yoghurt, potato and toast alongside those veggies and fruits. But you feel like your constantly feeding, it’s either food or milk and you’re just not sure you’re doing it right.

This 5 page mini guide will give you a meal plan to follow with portion sizes and my tried and tested routine for successfully progressing through stage 2 weaning.

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Weaning is well underway but you’re not sure how to increase food and reduce milk feeds

In this 5 page mini guide you will get my 10-12 month routine for stage 3 weaning, I’ll show you how milk feeds now fit in and my meal plan gives you larger portion sizes to encourage good nutrition for growth and development.

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Now you’ve finished weaning but no-one has told you what’s next!

This 5 page mini guide walks you through what balanced toddler meals and snacks should look like. I also give you my successful toddler routine that discourages fussy eating and my portion size guide as these are now smaller. Milk intake also needs to be limited and I’ll show you how.

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7 months to 3 years bundle!

If you are right at the start of weaning you can buy all three guides for £25 saving you £5

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Meet These Mummies

I couldn't believe it, we've had three nights in a row without him waking for night feeds!"

Louise, Mum to Ollie, London 

"I took your advice and although I was convinced about what I was doing I followed your routine to the T. We’re only a week in but the daytime feeds have reduced and I’ve seen a HUGE increase in his appetite."


"Having been overweight myself, I am so focused on making sure my daughter has a good diet. It’s exhausting but I want to make sure she is okay. Thank you for your help.”

Emma, via Instagram

Hi, I’m Sarah,

Registered Paediatric Dietitian & Feeding Therapist | NHS and founder of The Children’s Nutritionist

I set up ‘The Children's Nutritionist’ to help mummy’s get the right information about food and feeding so that their children can grow up to have a healthy relationship with food.

It frustrates me that everyone seems to have something to say about what and how you feed your child but not a lot comes from qualified professionals. 


This is why I’ve created my guides, so that you can get the right information you need so your baby has a successful weaning journey, getting those critical nutrients and helping them progress so that they develop a healthy relationship with food.

I have over 20 years experience of working with children and families and as-well-as being a Paediatric Dietitian I am an Advanced SOS Trained Feeding Therapist. This means that I can help you with the ‘how’ part of feeding and I believe that you have to put the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ together in order to do a great job as a parent.

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