Fussy Eating Fixed!

Raise A Happy Healthy Eater With Our Unique FEASTS Method…

And Enjoy Stress-Free Family Mealtimes – In Just 6 Weeks

Yes! We Need This

Do Your Family Mealtimes Feel Like A Panic?

(No judgement – we can fix this. And we can fix it quickly)


You’re constantly at your wits’ end, worrying why your child won’t eat the food you’ve spent ages preparing.

You slide their plate in front of them, almost holding your breath.

Will they touch it? Or will they mess about with it, or push their plate away?

Because every day, it seems like there’s a new food they won’t eat. Something else that’s ‘yuk.’

You’re convinced that everything you try makes things worse.

You’re anxious that if your child doesn’t start eating ‘properly’ soon, it will affect their health, their growth, their brain development, their learning…

And you’re secretly terrified that you’re on the fast track to failure and if you don’t fix things soon, you’ll ruin their relationship with food…for life.

Panicked Parents, I Hear You

You dream of dinners where everyone skips to the table (without you asking 50 times until you’re frazzled) and eats.

One healthy, balanced and delicious meal.

You want to feel safe in the knowledge your child has eaten their nutrients. That they’ll sleep well, grow healthy bones and brains, and not pick up all those bugs.

You’d love to know that yippee – your child is nourished and thriving. (Instead of only ever eating food that’s beige.)

They’re excited to try new dishes, family mealtimes are a breeze, and wow…

If you carry on like this, they’ll grow up with a super healthy relationship with food! (No fears about emotional eating or fixating on sugary junk.)

And then phew, you can relax. Because you’re doing a brilliant job.

You Deserve Those Precious Mealtimes!

Hi, I’m Sarah Almond Bushell, Registered Dietitian & Feeding Therapist, and I’m here to help you get there…

Typically in just 6 weeks!*

*our client survey revealed that 96% of children were trying new foods after 6 weeks.

I see those mealtime panics so often.

I understand how easy it can be to fall into unhealthy patterns. You fear the extra arguments and you just want your child to eat. (Because you care.)

But, can I be honest with you…?

This Time Is So Important!


Your child's lifelong relationship with food is forming now!


Getting these childhood experiences of food and eating right is vital.  


The little things exasperated parents say and do (because they honestly don’t realise the potential consequences) can be a little scary.


It’s vital that we get our language right, and that we’re aware of the sensory aspects of food and eating, and the psychology behind this too.


Getting any part of this wrong can upset the delicate balance.

That’s Why I’m Passionate About 

Helping You Discover A Better Way

A way where we say goodbye to outdated and unhelpful patterns like…


  • (Innocently) encouraging your child to eat ‘just one more spoonful’ (Ouch! Encouragement is actually pressure. Pressure can lead to stress hormones. Or your child eating to please you when they’re not hungry, growing up as an overeater because they can’t stop when they’re full…)


  • (Accidentally) offering rewards, like ‘finish your peas and you can have pudding’ (Did you know that can be viewed as bribery? And that reward charts do more harm than good, when we look at the psychology behind eating?  Research shows that your child is more likely to grow up disliking the food in question, or dreading mealtimes altogether…)


  • (Unknowingly) overlooking the all important 8 senses involved in your child's eating (because it's not just 5). Children who are fussy eaters may actually have different levels of processing or understanding what their senses are telling them. Our sensory preferences are part of what makes us unique (not 'difficult' or 'headstrong'). Let's help you get clear on your child's individual makeup 


So can you start to see why your child’s relationship with food and eating is so crucial – right now?


If you’re determined to fix that fussy eating TYPICALLY IN JUST 6 SHORT WEEKS* (so you can get on with your lives!) let me help you. 

It’s what I’m qualified to do.

 *our client survey revealed that 96% of children were trying new foods after 6 weeks.


When You Invest In Fussy Eating Fixed


I divulge the little-known, science-backed strategies, so you can enjoy the stress-free family mealtimes you’ve been dreaming of.


  • I show you how to inspire your child to try new foods (with none of that scary pressure!) You'll identify and be able to meet your child's sensory needs around food so that they will begin to enjoy mealtimes and grow confident to try new things


  • I teach you how to optimise your child’s appetite so they come to the table hungry and eager to eat


  • You'll learn how to cover the nutritional gaps so you can rest assured that your child is getting their nutrients (with no worries of undernourishment or getting ill)


  • You'll raise children who are excited about what's on the table each night and inquisitive to try new food (even when you go out to eat)


  • You'll get clear on social modelling so your child understands the social aspect of mealtimes – and they become stress free, happy, family times


  • You’ll discover the psychological strategies that speed up your child’s learning – which typically deliver results in just 6 weeks


  • You’ll come away with complete peace of mind that you’re getting it right (with answers to your questions and expert support when you choose either the Popular or VIP options)


And when you invest in these 6 powerful weeks, you’ll learn how to teach your child good eating habits for a lifetime. Right now. (Before it’s too late.)


Through the FEASTS method, we do things differently – by NOT just focusing on the food.


(That’s a common mistake.)

Quite honestly, focusing on the food alone just doesn’t work! We go deeper, with my (almost) 25 years of fully-qualified experience and the systems that are backed by science.

I teach feeding psychology, sensory and parenting strategies so that mealtimes are stress free and become happy family occasions. (At last!)

That way, your child will grow up to be a happy, healthy eater and have a positive relationship with food.

(Well done, parents!)

Yes! I’m Ready To Raise A Confident Eater

Want To Hear All About Fussy Eating Fixed?

Smart move, brilliant parents.

 Let's explore how we do things differently.

Here’s what you’ll get when you invest in this completely unique programme.


The Course Materials & Coaching Support

That Make A Difference


Whichever package you choose (popular, enhanced or VIP) you'll have access to begin unlocking my exclusive information, training and support you need to fix your fussy eating dilemmas.

You’ll have access to my exclusive FEASTS video learning modules, supported by printable handouts and actionable steps for you to take, so you can stay perfectly clear and on track.

All packages have access to the Fussy Eating Fixed online community where you can chat to other parents as you work through the program.


If you choose the Popular package, you will benefit from:

  • Lifetime access to the FEASTS course 
  • Lifetime access to the Fussy Eating Fixed online community

(Please note that you will receive the FEASTS program on a self-study basis. The Fussy Eating Fixed community is parent led rather than expert led. If you feel the need for expert support as you move through the self-study course, you’ll find upgrade options inside your members’ area.)


If you chose the Enhanced package, you'll benefit from:

  • Lifetime access to the FEASTS course.
  • Lifetime access to the Fussy Eating Fixed online community. 
  • 6 weeks of access to me in a private online group - The Expert Circle - where you can ask me your specific questions, participate in the live Q&A sessions and get my additional expert support when you need it


If you chose the VIP package, you'll benefit from:

  • Lifetime access to the FEASTS course.
  • Lifetime access to the Fussy Eating Fixed online community. 
  • 6 weeks of access to me in a private online group - The Expert Circle - where you can ask me your specific questions, participate in the live Q&A sessions and get my additional expert support when you need it
  • 6 weeks of personalised one to one support from me - either face to face or on Zoom depending on your location
    • We begin with a powerful 2 hour 1:1 session where I carry out a full feeding, nutrition and sensory assessment, with tailored advice and a full written report for your peace of mind 
    • We end our 6 weeks together with a final personalised 45-minute consultation, to make sure you’re feeling confident in moving forwards, to celebrate your child’s successes and to get clear on your next steps
  • 6 weeks of me in your pocket through WhatsApp. Priceless! (Spaces are extremely limited, as there is only one of me!)

When You Bite Into Our Fussy Eating Fixed Course…

Here’s Just A Taste Of What You’ll Discover

Do you want to know what sets my program apart from absolutely everything else out there?

It’s this! My unique, evidence-backed, 6 step framework – that’s been designed for you to personalise with your extreme fussy eater in mind.

When you put these 6 parts together, you’ll be stepping up with confidence and ready to raise your children to be happy healthy feasters. (Go mums and dads!) 



When you miss out any of these vital steps (and trust me, lots of other professionals do!) things will get completely out of balance.

The result is that fussy eating sticks around…and gets worse. This is when children grow up to be unhealthy, get ill, become undernourished and develop disordered eating.


That’s Why I’m Here To Help You.

Together, we can (and will) avoid that.

As a Registered Dietitian and SOS Paediatric Feeding Therapist with nearly 25 years’ experience, I’m the expert who can tell you that fixing fussy eaters is about so much more than the food.

Through the fantastic FEASTS program, I also share the lowdown on feeding psychology, sensory and parenting strategies so that we transport you from mealtime panics to complete peace of mind.

“We are thrilled to be able to share that 96% of our clients have children who eat a wider range of foods at the 6-week mark and no longer report their child is a fussy eater.

And an incredible 100% have happier mealtimes too.

In fact, our work is about to be written up and published in a scientific journal because of its amazing results!”

Sarah Almond Bushell

We Want This!

Are you curious to know what FEASTS stands for? Let’s take a look…

F - Find Out Why
E - Educate
A - Adjust Mealtimes
S - Supportive Parenting
T – Teaching Children
S – Success

Find Out Why

Here’s where you’ll discover WHY your child is refusing food and HOW children really learn to eat. (Because without this knowledge you won’t be able to fix this.)

Did you know there are actually 32 sensory steps to eating? Nor do most people!

In fact, children who are fussy have simply just got stuck on a step. In this course, you’ll learn how to move them forwards.

Once you understand where your child is on the steps, you can help them grow in confidence to try new food.

You’ll get:

  • Clear on the exact reason for your child’s fussy eating – so you know how to help them (and why your previous efforts haven’t worked)


  • An eye-opening appreciation of their sensory preferences – we all have them – it’s part of what makes us unique. When you have this knowledge, you can finally adapt what you do so that food doesn't fill your child with unease


  • A game-changing grasp of how they’ve learned to ‘not eat’ at mealtimes – and how to change things up so mealtimes become the cue ‘to eat’ (at last!)



Let’s arm you with knowledge on (the right) portion sizes, boosting nutrition (and plugging any gaps) and how to encourage a healthy appetite (the ethical way).

And so many more juicy bits, like:

  • Optimising your child’s nutritional health – yes – even if they’re eating a limited range of food right now


  • Maximising mealtime success – by discovering how the activities leading up to eating can significantly enhance your child's likelihood of eating happily and healthily


  • Becoming empowered with innovative, little-known techniques – so you can easily expand your child's diet (with none of the stress)


Adjust Mealtimes

Here we take away the worry and self-doubt by giving you step-by-step instructions on creating meal and snack times…that bring success. (Using the ‘psychology’ part of feeding.)

You’ll get crystal clear on:

  • How to set up the meal or snack – learn what you need to do so that your child comes to the table ready to eat


  • What to do when it’s time to eat so that your children don’t get cross when they have to stop playing and start eating


  • How to conduct the meal so that your child feels happy, relaxed and confident enough to explore new food


  • How to end the mealtime – and discover my little-known trick that actually helps food refusers become happier with food they don’t like!


You’ll even get a handy checklist that you can print off and stick on the fridge to help you remember these essential points.


Supportive Parenting

This is where we explain your role as the parent – from the little things we say that can actually instil confidence in your child, to the things we do that show them that you're truly in this together supporting them all the way.

It’s all about gentle parenting, and you’ll get super clear on:

  • The incredible power of language and conversations at mealtimes – learn what to say and what not to say. (So many people are getting this wrong – let’s fix that!)


  • Supporting children with anxiety around eating. (This is so important as anxiety shuts appetite down)


  • Inspiring a positive mealtime experience whilst teaching your child how to try new foods (accounting for their sensory preferences)

And so much more.


Teaching Children

Are you ready to inspire your child’s interest in food outside of mealtimes and encourage their natural curiosity…so that their confidence around food grows and grows?

I’ve got all the science and strategies you need to encourage and facilitate play, in a way that will turn your fussy eating troubles around. (Yes – even when you think you’ve tried everything!)

Get ready to uncover:

  • The sensory problem solving strategies that help sensitive children explore food that currently makes them run from the table - so that your child learns to like even very off putting foods 


  • The child-centred activities that really spark an interest – so that your child becomes increasingly more curious about food whatever their sensory difficulties


  • Fun ways to learn about food and eating – that don’t actually involve the food itself!


  • How to encourage play with a purpose – and that purpose of course is supporting your fussy eater to become a fearless foodie!



It's important to celebrate your success, so that you feel confident and relaxed, going forward.

You’ve come so far! We’re proud of you, and it’s got to be said – you’re a dedicated food parent!

You will be able to:

  • Measure your child’s progress – using our unique self-assessment tool (that you’re going to love)


  • Identify exactly what to do next – to avoid that slippery slope back to old habits!


  • Celebrate success – alongside the other parents, who’ll be congratulating themselves on their happy, healthy eater too!


If your child is a very fussy eater, and you’ve tried everything without success and you’re ready to change that once and for all…


Let’s explore your options!

Option 1 – The Popular Package 

(Self-study/no additional expert support)

This is the lowest cost, ‘DIY’ option.

You’ll receive:

  • Lifetime access to the FEASTS course
  • Lifetime access to the online Fussy Eating Fixed community, to check in with other parents and share tips and progress. (Please note this group is not run by our experts – it’s for parent-to-parent support only)
  • Options to purchase additional support (at any stage) inside your members’ area

One-off investment: only £797

Yes - We'll Grab The Popular Package

The Enhanced Package

This is our popular package with benefits, as it entitles you to expert support with me and my team of feeding therapist and dietitian experts, in a private online group. Ask your specific questions and feel supported on this all-important journey.

You’ll receive:

  • Lifetime access to the FEASTS course
  • Lifetime access to the online Fussy Eating Fixed community, to check in with other parents and share tips and progress. (Please note this group is not run by our experts – it’s for parent-to-parent support only)
  • 6 weeks of access to me & my team in a private online group - "The Expert Circle" - where you can ask your questions, join the live sessions and get additional expert support, whenever you need it
  • Options to purchase additional support (at any stage) inside your members’ area

One-off investment: only £1497

(Or choose to spread the cost over 12 months)

I'm in!

The VIP Package (SOLD OUT)

If you think you’ll need additional one to one support for your child, we have a very limited number of VIP slots.

If space is available, you’ll need to book a 20-minute discovery call with me first, to make sure that we are a good fit for each other.

When you successfully get a VIP upgrade space, you’ll receive:

  • Lifetime access to the FEASTS course
  • Lifetime access to the online Fussy Eating Fixed community, to check in with other parents and share tips and progress. (Please note this group is not run by our experts – it’s for parent-to-parent support only)
  • 6 weeks of access to me in a private online group - The Expert Circle - where you can ask me your questions, join the live Q&A sessions and get my additional expert support, whenever you need it
  • 6 weeks of personalised one to one support from me – either face to face or on Zoom, depending on your location. (I’m in East Sussex.) This includes a personalised 2 hour 1:1 feeding, nutrition and sensory assessment with tailored advice and a full written report for your peace of mind. At the end of the 6 weeks, you’ll receive a final personalised 45-minute consultation to reflect back over our time together, celebrate successes and identify next steps
  • 6 weeks of private access to me through WhatsApp. Imagine having a fully-qualified nutrition and feeding therapy expert in your pocket, whenever you have any questions or things feel tough. Priceless!  

One-off investment: only £2997

We’d Love To Go VIP! (SOLD OUT)

How Is The Program Delivered?

The course content is delivered through a series of engaging video trainings with slides, so that you can watch at your leisure. Unlock each module as you go.

You’ll have access to the content forever including all future updates.

You can watch on your desktop computer, laptop, tablet or phone – on the go, if you want to. It’s even available on an app!

You’ll have access to printable worksheets and our ultimate mealtime checklist as well, so you won’t need to stop to take notes.

We’re all about saving you time and headaches, so you can get this fixed quickly, and get back to the important job of enjoying the fun stuff with your children!

You'll get lifetime access to the friendly Fussy Eating Fixed Community, where you can chat to and feel supported alongside other like minded parents who are on the same journey for as long as you need to.

With the Enhanced and VIP Packages, you’ll also get 6 weeks of expert support from me in a private online group. I’ll be there to answer your specific questions, run live weekly Q&A sessions, and support you if you get stuck.

And with the VIP Package, you’ll also get my one to one support, assessments and guidance. 

However you like to do things, we’ve got you covered.

So You’ve Explored The Delicious Details…

But What Will Fussy Eating Fixed give you?

That’s a smart question! (We knew we liked you.)
When you work with us and successfully implement the FEASTS Method, this is how your new life should look:

  • You’ll see your child growing in confidence and exploring an increased variety of new foods with ease

  • You’ll see your child eating an increased volume of healthy food

  •  You’ll only need to cook one balanced meal that everyone loves. (Say hello to stress-free, happy mealtimes)

  •  You’ll feel safe in the knowledge that your child has had their nutrients (and is not undernourished or likely to get ill)

  •  Your child will grow up to have a healthy relationship with food. (This part is vital, mums and dads)

  •  You’ll have proven, solid, evidence-based strategies to nip fussy eating – (and even extreme fussy eating) – in the bud if it threatens to return as your child develops and grows

Yes Please – Let’s Fix This!

Hi, I’m Sarah

Registered Paediatric Dietitian, Feeding Therapist, Speaker And Author,
& Founder Of The Children’s Nutritionist

With nearly 25 years of fully-qualified experience in the NHS and private practice (right up to the highest NHS Consultant level) you can be sure I’ve seen and supported many hundreds of families with extreme fussy eating.

I know how being a parent feels. (I have two precious children of my own.)

And I know there’s not always enough information out there to help you with your child’s eating issues when things get tough.

That’s why I’m so passionate about empowering parents with the evidence-backed information you need to fix your fussy eater, the right way.

Your child’s lifelong food journey is happening now. As parents, we only get one chance to get this right.

That’s why I put my unique system together, based on everything I know as a Registered Dietitian and SOS Professional Feeding Therapist. (And it’s all backed by the latest research and science.)

My ‘FEASTS’ approach puts together food, feeding, the sensory system, psychology and an understanding of your child's development at each and every stage – so you can rest assured you’re getting it right.

Brilliant mums and dads, I would love to support you.

You don’t have to do this alone.

As seen in:


“Because no child should go hungry, a percentage of my earnings goes to the Food Bank so that vulnerable children get access to food & nutrition.”

Sarah Almond Bushell

Meet These Parents

They Have Done It And So Can You!

“We Feel Calm & Confident – Thank You!” 

Our son was the fussiest eater. His list of foods was getting smaller and smaller and I was really worried.

He would get distracted easily, everything was ‘yuk’ and he hardly touched a thing.

We have put your method into practice & he has already improved so much. He ate one dish that he hasn’t touched for about a year and he even tried something completely new!

Your advice and plan has helped us to feel calm & confident about mealtimes and we are enjoying eating as a family for the first time in ages. I just wanted to say thank you!

“He’s Like A Different Child!”

My 3 year old lived on plain pasta, cheese sandwiches, scrambled eggs and bananas and milk. 

He was sooo fussy and had been like this for a year or so before we sought your help. 

He had his favourites and at dinner time I always had to supply taco mince. He actually asked for the family meal of spaghetti Bolognese instead of his usual taco mince tonight and ate a whole bowl!

We couldn’t believe it! He’s like a different child.

“Mealtimes Are Fun Again!”

Parts have been difficult (as you said) and it has been an interesting couple of weeks. But I’m pleased to say H is thriving once again, and we are all feeling much more relaxed around mealtimes. 

And it has made mealtimes fun again! Phew! And I shall continue to recommend you to friends and other mums I meet that are having troubles.


Would you like to feel like these parents too? Then you can!
Join us today and get instant access to help you begin your journey.

 Your 6 steps to successful stress-free mealtimes begins in just a few simple clicks. Are you ready?

Yes! We’re Ready To Fix This!

Fussy Eating Fixed Is For You If…

  • You’re at your wits’ end with your child's fussy eating

  • You feel like you’ve tried EVERYTHING – and found that nothing works

  • You don’t know what to offer your child for dinner because you know that unless it’s this week’s favourite, your child will reject it (again)

  • Your child’s list of ‘safe’ foods is getting smaller and smaller by the day

  • You end up cooking different meals for everyone, to cater to everyone’s likes and dislikes

  • You feel stressed when it comes to feeding your children, and you’re desperately worried they aren't getting their nutrients and will get ill, not grow, be unable to concentrate or not sleep properly

  • You often use ‘tricks and tactics’ to get your child to eat (iPads, toys, blended veg, reward charts…)

  • You just want to be able to go out for dinner as a family and feel confident that there will be something on the menu your child will eat

Does any of that sound familiar?


If You’re Ready To Shake Off The Stress,
The Mealtime Panics And The Worry That You’re Unable To Help Your Child…

And Instead, Step Into Your New World Of….

  • Easy, fuss-free evenings – where you can cook what you fancy (and you know there’ll be no anger, tantrums or running away from the table)

  • Peaceful family meals – where everyone comes happily to the table and is excited to see what’s on offer and enjoys the food you’ve prepared (no more scraping veg into the bin)

  • Happy, healthy children – who enjoy food and the social side of family mealtimes, and grow up with great eating habits and a positive relationship with food. (You did it!)

Fussy Eating Fixed is your place.


You’re Going To Get…

Module 1 – The F in FEASTS…

Your ‘Find Out Why’ self-assessment.

We explore the sensory system and how to tell if your child is over-responsive or under-responsive for each of the 8 (not 5) senses. We’ll also tap into the 3 psychological theories that explain how your child learns to eat.

You’ll discover what’s going on (and why some of the things you’ve tried before haven't worked).

Module 2 – The E in FEASTS…

Educate Yourself.

Learn how to optimise your child’s appetite at different times of the day, how to change up what you offer at mealtimes and how to fill nutritional gaps with supplements or food.

Module 3 – The A in FEASTS…

Adjust Mealtimes.

Follow our evidence-based methods for before, during and after the meal to help you make fussy eating a thing of the past.

Module 4 – The S in FEASTS…

Supportive Parenting.

Here’s where you’ll discover how to be a positive food parent, how to communicate during mealtimes and how to manage anxiety in a gentle way so your child feels supported during this journey to fixing their fussy eating.

Module 5 – The T in FEASTS…

Teaching Children.

You’ll teach your children how to problem solve sensory challenging foods so they learn to like them, but also beneficial ways to explore food – both at and outside of mealtimes, through play with a purpose. (How children actually learn best.)

Module 6 – The S in FEASTS…

Your Success!

Reflection and self-assessment, so you can see just how far you’ve come.

You’ll have lifetime access to these course materials and community so that you can watch (and watch again) at your leisure.



Where you can receive answers to any specific questions, interact with live weekly Q&As and make sure you get the best from everything you’re learning.

We’ll troubleshoot your issues and give you the extra support you need. (This part is a game-changer.)

You can use this expert guidance to make changes that fit your unique family circumstances. (And keep tweaking until you get things right.)

Access to me and my team of experts in this exclusive online group makes all the difference – because you never have to feel stuck (or alone).


Total value £4883

Current investment: only £1497 or spread the cost over 12 months

Quick – We’re Ready!


Just want to grab the FEASTS course to work through in your own time, without any additional expert support?

Grab the Popular Self Study Package (lifetime access to the programme materials plus the parent-to-parent online community) for just £797 here.

If you purchase this option and later decide that you need expert support, you’ll find upgrade options inside your members area!

We’re OK To Go It Alone!

Can You Picture Yourself…?

  • Bursting with inspiration – at all the great new places you can eat together and food you can try, now that your child will try all sorts of things from the restaurant menu. (Nice work!)
  • Brimming with confidence – from all the science-backed, insider food parenting advice you’ll be discovering, with experts to support and guide you
  • Buzzing with pride – because you’re giving your child the best possible start and you know you’re getting this right. (Let’s face it – you’re a brilliant parent!)

We can picture that too. (It suits you.)

So if that sounds like your kind of perfect world, it’s time to say goodbye to your fussy eating worries and invest in your child’s foodie future.

Jump in now and let’s get you sorted – MOST OF OUR FAMILIES REPORT RESULTS IN JUST 6 WEEKS!

And the great news is, you can start today…

Let’s Fix This!

Client Results


If You’re Ready To Break Free From Fussy Eating


The Time Is Now!

If you’re done with mealtime stress, constant worries about what your child won’t eat and living in a panic that you’re getting things wrong…

The Fussy Eating Fixed course – incorporating my unique FEASTS methods – is your answer. (At last!)

(Did we mention that when surveyed, 100% of our clients say that they have happier mealtimes, in just 6 weeks? Yes, wow!)

So if you are ready to feel calm, confident, get back in control of family mealtimes – and fix that fussy eating – it’s time to join us. 

I know how much you care about your child’s lifelong relationship with food. (That’s why you’re reading this.)

And my team and I are passionate about giving you the knowledge to fix that fussy eating for good – starting today!

Let’s work together at getting this fixed.

We’re inviting you to grab hold of this chance to say goodbye to your fussy eating problems before the opportunity disappears...

“We have come so far…and the positive impact that it’s had on our family life and mealtimes is wonderful.”

“I’ve seen a HUGE increase in his appetite.”

“I’m over the moon.”

Let’s Fix My Fussy Eater!