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Ready for solids?

Learn the developmental milestones for readiness plus 3 simple checks you can do with your baby at home

The Kit

Find out the essentials, the nice to haves and the bits to not waste your money on...oh and some lovely discounts too

Baby led, purees or combi

Getting the right information on all three ways, so you can make a properly informed choice for you and your baby

Join the cook-along!

Welcome to my kitchen where I'll show you how to cook for your baby, making both purees and baby led weaning food

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I want to get ready for starting solids

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Hi, I’m Sarah

I’m a Registered Dietitian & Children’s Nutritionist with over 20 years’ experience of working with parents to get children’s food and feeding right.

I’ve worked as an expert consultant for trusted brands like Annabel Karmel, Tommee Tippee and Hovis. 

You may have seen me in Made For Mums, Gurgle, The Guardian, The Observer... I’ve been on BBC Radio too.

So you’re in safe hands!

I’m passionate about providing the right information to mums who are finding their way through their baby's weaning journey. 

I help you break through the noise and give you the facts. And a plan! 

Because weaning should be a happy, special time for you. 

A time when you begin to nurture your child’s lifelong relationship with food.

And I know you want to get it right.

I’m a mummy too – Charlie and Maisie remind me every day how important it is to get food and feeding right,  so that our children become fearless foodies and you raise happy healthy eaters.

So let me empower you with the information you need to wean with confidence, so you can get back to the incredible job of being a mummy.

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