When Your Child Won't Eat

Are they a fussy eater or problem feeder?

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Do you make beautiful dinners only to be told they’re yuk, without them even being tasted? 

If you are the parent of a fussy eater you’ll understand all about the stress and drama at mealtimes.

When your child refuses to eat, it means that they’ll likely not get all of the nutrients they need to be healthy which affects everything from their mood, to their sleep to whether they avoid the snotty noses going round nursery.

If this goes on beyond the typical toddler food refusal stage, we as parents get really worried and it can lead to:

  • stressful family mealtimes, 
  • them developing an unhealthy relationship with food, and sometimes 
  • weight loss and poor health.
But all is not lost, you can nip fussy eating in the bud once you know exactly whats causing it.

When you take our 2 minute quiz you’ll learn:

  • What's causing their fussy eating.
  • And when you know that, you'll learn the right way to help them eat a wider variety of foods, and not just their favourites.
  • And of course, how to have stress free, happy mealtimes where you're no longer constantly reminding them to eat.
So if you are ready to help your child eat new food, grow well and be healthy without rewards, distractions (or spending hours in the kitchen) take our quiz today.
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Hi, I’m Sarah

Registered Paediatric Dietitian,

Feeding Therapist, speaker and author 

& Founder Of The Children’s Nutritionist


I set up ‘The Children's Nutritionist’ to help parents like you get the right information about food and feeding…

So your children grow up with a happy, healthy love of eating. (It’s worked with my adorable two!)

I have almost 25 years of fully-qualified Child Nutrition & Dietetic experience, right up to the highest NHS Consultant level. And I'm also an advanced level SOS Feeding Therapist (You can be sure you’re in safe hands!)

More than anything, I love empowering parents with the information you need to support your little people on their lifelong food & feeding  journey. Because these moments are precious – and we only get one chance.

I know it can feel frustrating when there’s so much noise on what and how to feed your child.

(And not much of it comes from qualified professionals!)

Which is why a lot of what you find on Google is nonsense!

Take the quiz, uncover the exact strategies you need based on why your child is picky and let get them loving food and family mealtimes.

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