People say babies should come with a manual.

Wouldn’t that be a treat!

If I could offer you something even better than a manual…

An easy system that would support you, step by step, through every moment of weaning…

What would you say?

Because that’s exactly what my Happy Healthy Weaning course is all about.

I’ve used my extensive qualifications and decades of experience to put together the WHAT and HOW of weaning. 

And I’ve packaged it for you in this perfectly complete course for £197

Introducing Allergens Safely - Mini Course £29

This mini-course created by me, a Registered Dietitian, will guide you through how to offer the common allergens to your baby during weaning.

What you'll get:

  • Video on how to offer allergens safely, how to increase quantities & how to know when an allergen has been successfully introduced
  • Video on how to prepare & offer each allergenic food in a form that is suitable for babies
  • Allergen checklist & symptom diary
  • Handy printables

Designed to give you peace of mind as although food allergies are rare, I know firsthand what it's like to discover an allergy when weaning your baby. It's scary stuff and I want you to be assured you're doing everything correctly and you know exactly what to do.