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Toddler Food & Nutrition Online Course

You've finished weaning, your baby is a toddler and you are stuck wondering...

What happens next?

You may be worried that you’re not doing enough to ensure your toddler is getting the best nutrition.

You’re definitely not the only parent to feel this way.

A lot of mums & dads feel unsure about what to feed their toddlers once they stop weaning. And that’s where this online course comes in – it provides all the information you need on how to give your child a balanced and nutritious diet, for children aged 1-4.

As a Registered Dietitian and Child Nutrition Expert, I will teach you everything you need to know about toddler food and nutrition, in just an hour – so you can feel confident that your little one is getting the best possible start to their early years.


The course includes video lessons on:

  • The food groups toddlers need and how to balance them across a day and a week so you can be rest assured you are offering them optimum nutrition for their unique needs.
  • The key nutrients that need special consideration from you when you are planning their meals and snacks because toddlers often fall short of these and yet they are essential for keeping them healthy.
  • When supplements might be needed as a safety net for toddlers who don't always eat what you want them to.
  • How to manage fun foods like sweets, cakes, biscuits and those constant requests for treats.
  • How to include snacks in a healthy way and importantly when to space them out so that your little one still has room for their meals.
  • The best drinks to offer, which ones to avoid, timing and routine

I even throw in a free copy of my toddler food portion size guide so you know how much to cook, how much to offer and have an idea about whether they've had enough when they say they're done!

Sign up for our online course today and get started on giving your toddler the best possible foundation for a healthy future!