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If you're really worried about introducing allergens to your baby, you can take a deep dive into exactly how to do this safely.

In this masterclass I'll take you step by step how through how to offer each of the allergenic foods, how much, how often and how to increase quantities so that you know you have introduced them successfully.

You also get my Introducing Allergens Checklist to record your progress as well as printables to remind you how to do it and what symptoms to look out for.

Sound helpful? I think you'll find it reassuring.

Happy Healthy Weaning

Your Complete Baby Nutrition & Weaning Course

  • Say goodbye to the overwhelm and confusion 

  • Take control of your weaning adventure

  • And feel 100% confident that you’re getting it right


What People Are Saying:

“I’M A CAUTIOUS WEANER, ESPECIALLY AS DYLAN WAS A PRE-TERM BABY… BUT I’M LEARNING LOTS ALREADY.” I’m a cautious weaner, especially as Dylan is a pre-term baby, but I’m currently half-way through the online course. I’m learning lots already, especially advice on feed timings, equipment needed and even how to choose the correct highchair! I’ve been making lots of notes and cannot wait to get stuck in with experimenting with food, flavours and textures. Tina, mummy to Dylan - London

Tina, mummy to Dylan - London

“I FEEL REALLY GOOD! I HAVE THE CONFIDENCE AND KNOWLEDGE I NEED.” My baby was exclusively breastfed before we started weaning. Even though I’m a dietitian, I’d never worked with children. I knew how important nutrition was, but I didn’t have a clue where to start on our weaning journey! Sarah’s course gave me the confidence and knowledge I needed to make informed decisions about how to wean my baby. mummy to H - Yorkshire

Nichola Ludlam Rayne (@mummynutrition)