Started weaning?

Are you worried about whether your baby is eating enough?

You’ve Got Weaning Off To A Great Start, But You’re Not Sure How Much Food You’re Supposed To Offer Now They’re A Bit Older,

You’ve No Idea How Much Your Baby Should Be Eating And Also How The Milk Feeds Now Fit In.

You Might Feel You’re Constantly In The Kitchen As It’s Either Milk Or Food!

My 10-12 month 5 page mini guide is exactly what you need. You’ll find practical advice on food, feeding and baby nutrition as well as my tried and tested routines that encourage progress through weaning. They include:

  • A portion size guide for all meals and milk feeds

  • My tried and tested routine for 10-12-month-olds that encourages successful weaning

  • A sample meal plan so you know what food to offer and when

Priced At £9.99


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